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Mobile Banking

Voice Banking

Key Features
  • Hosted/highly secure solution
  • Fully branded to the financial institution
  • Integrated with Aurora Mobile and Voice Banking
  • Consumer Services – account info, transfers, loan payments, stop payments, alerts, secure messaging, order checks, user defined preferences, item and image statements with deposit detail
  • Bill Payment – pay anyone, least-cost routing, same day payments, payment aggregation, payment management dashboard
  • Commercial Services- ACH origination, EFTPS tax payment, wire transfer, payroll, secure file upload
  • User defined dashboard
  • Configurable password and multi-factor authentication support
  • Auto-enrollment
  • Website design and hosting
  • Simplified customer support via user alias feature
  • User defined preferences
  • Financial calculators
  • Flexible billing system

Aurora Online Banking

Simplifying the Process of Banking Without Wallsvideoart

eBanking Demand

In today’s fast-paced mobile society, banking customers demand electronic services at their fingertips.  They expect these services to be secure, reliable, intuitive and personalized to their individual needs.  CSPI’s eBanking platform, Aurora Online Banking, offers the solution by providing a broad array of on-demand services that are easily tailored to your customers’ needs.

Full Featured System

Aurora Online Banking offers consumer, commercial, bill payment, and many other services on a single, secure, and flexible platform.  Designed with security paramount, the system supports multi-layered security, configurable password quality, multi-factor authentication, and behavioral analytics.  The unique customer dashboard feature allows users to custom tailor their landing page with the information they prefer, giving them greater control of their finances at a glance.

Consumers will have the ability to view their account information (summary, detail, and history), item images and image statements with deposit detail, make account transfers, loan payments, stop payments, alerts, secure messaging, order checks, bill payments and user defined preferences.

Commercial customers can benefit from the additional services of ACH origination, EFTPS tax payments, wire transfers (with Fed wire and Swift), payroll and secure file upload (NACHA).

Bill Payment videoart

Aurora Online Banking’s seamless bill payment integration offers customers an easy-to-use engaging bill payment experience.  The bill pay management dashboard allows customers to easily setup, schedule, and manage their payments from a single screen.

Integrated eBanking

The integration of Aurora Online, Mobile and Voice Banking provides a common core interface, consistent cross-channel data and analytics, less administration for your institution and richer customer experience.  The Aurora eBanking suite can be branded to your institution, providing a clear and consistent cross-channel identity and message to your customers.

Website Design & Hosting

With the installation of Aurora Online Banking it is an ideal time to update your bank’s public website.  Let CSPI provide you a new modern Internet presence to go along with your new banking services.  We will work closely with you through the design, construction and deployment of your new website to ensure you project the image you desire.  We also offer secure reliable hosting services and ongoing website update services to keep your website fresh in the years ahead.

For additional details on Aurora Online Banking Application, please contact us at 800.933.4873 or via email at sales@cspiinc.com

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