Key Features
  • Secure hosted or in-house solution
  • Integrated with Aurora Online and Mobile Banking
  • Expandable architecture
  • Natural speech recognition
  • Touch-tone compatible
  • Professionally recorded voices
  • English and Spanish voices available
  • Detailed call statistics and usage reports
  • Financial institution branded
  • Account and history inquiry
  • Research history by transaction and amount
  • Schedule transfers and loan payments
  • Interest information inquiry
  • NSF Notifications
  • Bank rate and product board
  • Check ordering
  • Report lost or stolen ATM/Debit cards
  • Community message center
  • “0” transfer to bank personnel with branch routing

Aurora Voice Banking

Voice Service Channel

With the introduction of Internet and mobile banking, many believed telephone banking would become a thing of the past. However, time has clearly proven that telephone banking continues to be a significant communication channel across the financial industry. Customers appreciate the speed, simplicity and anytime-access telephone banking offers for routine inquiries and transactions. Aurora Voice Banking provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for this important customer service channel.

Speech Recognition

Aurora Voice Banking uses speech recognition to achieve an engaging, helpful and natural caller
experience that serves callers quickly and consistently. With the power of speech recognition, users can interact using any phone to get account information, or conduct transactions simply by speaking naturally. Speech services replace cumbersome touch-tone interfaces that confuse and frustrate callers, especially those using cell phones. If a customer prefers, the use of touch-tone is available at any time throughout the system.

Integrated eBanking

The integration of Aurora Voice, Online and Mobile Banking provides a common core interface, consistent cross-channel data and analytics, less administration for your institution, and richer customer experience. The Aurora ebanking suite can be branded to your institution, providing a clear and consistent cross-channel identity and message to you customers.

Full-featured Systemvoice_web

Customers will have secure telephone access to account information, history with transaction and amount research, make transfers and loan payments, interest information, and NSF notifications.

Other services include community message center, check ordering, reporting lost or stolen ATM/Debit cards, and bank rate and product information.

Benefits of Advanced Speech Technology

  • Improved customer service by providing 24×7 access to information through an intuitive, convenient, and friendly interface
  • The ability to interact using both spoken and touch-tone commands
  • Give customers with disabilities an alternative to traditional touch-tone only systems
  • Extend your Web-based initiatives to anyone with a phone
  • Efficiency through reduced call lengths to save time and cost
  • Improved customer satisfaction and acceptance of automation

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