Key Benefits
  • Dual purpose image and tracking for all documents
  • Uses barcode technology to electronically file and track
  • Integrates with most 3rd party document preparation systems
  • Automatically updated with core system data
  • Simplifies compliance and regulatory exam preparation
  • Streamlines document work flow and reduces storage needs
  • Electronically stores documents with secure access rights
  • Instant retrieval and customized viewing options
  • Easy to use web browser to retrieve document images online
System Features
  • Independent Tracking System
  • Automatic Import and Indexing of Barcoded Documents
  • Automated Custom Notices
  • Automatic Compliance with Document Retention Policy
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Automated Import of Electronically-signed Documents
  • Bar Code Labeling Technology
  • Workflow Capability
  • Electronic Document Import
  • Annotate and Rubber Stamp without Affecting the Legal Image

Aurora Document Imaging

Be Confident

Imagine going into audits confident you won’t be caught on documentation or technical exception issues.  CSPI’s Aurora Document system instills that confidence through a highly adaptable document management solution designed around your institution’s processes.

Intuitive Navigation

Aurora Document is a web-based software application that allows users to scan, track, and view documents.  The web-based design allows users to navigate quickly between features from easy-to-use menus and search functions.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Powerful reporting tools alert users about technical exceptions by providing easy-to-read reports that detail exceptions and watch list documents.  Reports can be run on demand or scheduled and automatically e-mailed to the appropriate recipients.

Collateral Management

Each piece of collateral is handled within the system.  This allows documents to be associated with each piece of collateral.  You can also associate collateral to one or more accounts for cross-collateralization.  You can quickly access an account’s associated collateral from the account window.

Affordable Document Imaging

The document scanning process has never been easier.  Aurora Document’s scanning process is achieved using “one click deployment” technology.  As documents are scanned or electronically imported, Aurora Document automatically registers receipt of each document and satisfies the document requirement.

documentimagingImport Electronic Documents

System users may import a wide variety of electronic documents by simply browsing to the network location of the document.  Aurora Document may also be configured to automatically import electronic documents which have been sent to a specific network location.  Aurora Document has the capability of automatically importing documents which have been signed electronically in your document preparation system.

Customizable Notices

Essential to tracking and compliance is notifying customers of needed documentation.  Aurora Document takes the guesswork out of customer notification.  One or more notices can be created by document type and automatically generated as scheduled.

Additional Software Modules

Product updates are installed in minutes and in one location rather than at each user’s workstation.  Additional software modules, such as Vendor, are also installed as easily.  The added software modules complement and expand Aurora Document’s native capabilities.


A browser-based solution designed to keep track of contract expirations, contract notice requirements, warranty periods, and contract review dates.

Human Resources

A browser-based solution specifically designed to track and report human resources requirements for employees, including documentation requirements for the Financial Reform Act.

Data Warehouse

A browser-based host reporting system designed to access host reports securely and eliminate the need for media storage and retrieval products.

Flexible, Adaptable… & SMART

Every bank operates differently. It doesn’t matter if your loan operations are centralized or not.  It doesn’t matter if you operate two branches or fifty-two branches.  Through a detailed analysis, we will custom fit Aurora Document to fit your institution’s process and workflow.

What’s more, CSPI’s exclusive SMART

(System-wide Management Access and Resource Tool) File system means every document is linked to its customer’s loan or deposit relationships providing visibility across the enterprise.

Dedicated Product Support

During the installation process, CSPI provides in-person training to ensure that you can get to know the software right away.  As always, our support staff is ready to assist you with any support requests.  Help is available online or by phone.

What Other Bankers are Saying

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“CSPI has saved our bank a tremendous amount of time when preparing monthly board reports.  CSPI worked with us to create the types of custom reports we were producing manually.  I believe that the time saved in reporting justifies the cost of the program.”

Kirk Ross
Senior Vice President
First State Bank, Mendota, Illinois



1stnationalbank“With the installation of Aurora Document, our bank now has a true loan document exception program in place that is easy to use and meets all of our compliance guidelines.  After an exam, one of the examiners commented that Aurora Document was easy to navigate and the system made it easy to find the needed documentation without having to rummage through full paper files.  The examiner had used other loan documentation software elsewhere that was more cumbersome and difficult to use.  Aurora Document allows us to burn a complete loan file to a CD when we have to send files in for quality review audits or disburse loan documentation to participating banks.”

Chad Holthaus
Chief Technology Officer
First National Bank, Carlyle, Illinois

Integration is Key

We know that integration into your core systems or other third party vendors is essential to running a successful business.  With integration you eliminate redundant processes and ensure consistent quality input into your host or third party system.  CSPI is integrated with a vast number of systems and the list continues to grow.  If you are interested in learning more about integrating into these products or others, please contact us.




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