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Signature Verification

Key Features
  • Highly flexible and scalable image item process system
  • Comprehensive security system
  • Centralized or distributed processing flexibility
  • Integrated branch capture
  • CAR/LAR and duplicate detection processing
  • Feature-rich all-items and customer research
  • Browser-based research
  • Quick transaction re-creator function
  • Electronic processing of chargeback and re-presentment items
  • Send and receive electronic cash letters
  • Many statement and notice design and delivery options
  • Customer statement CD’s with self-contained viewer
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for automated folding and inserting
  • Comprehensive reporting via online, printing or print-to-file
  • User-defined reporting
  • Aurora eDeposit integration
  • Aurora eStatement integration
  • Aurora Document Imaging integration
  • Report retrieval module for core and other bank reports
  • Core and third party systems integration

Aurora Image Item Processing

Image Processing

Our complete Image Processing Solution combines item POD and image capture with Report Retrieval, Signature Card Verification, Aurora Document Imaging, and Electronic Merchant Deposits.  Each module is fully integrated, giving you the power to retrieve and view any image or transaction.  The system is user-friendly and easy to expand with new features and functionality.

Our system is also designed to make every bank employee a Customer Service Representative.  You have access to data as soon as it is captured and balanced.  This means that all employees can research transactions captured just seconds ago; even before they’re transmitted to the core system.  Has a loan payment been made?  Was my deposit received today?  What specific checks went with my deposit?  Any of these customer questions can be answered with the click of a button.

Features of our software will give you a competitive advantage.  With user-defined reports, review how many competitor checks come through your bank.  These reports include end-point analysis information (i.e. which routing numbers receive most of your outgoing items).  Numerous reports are provided and these reports can be modified at any time.

We design every module to interface with other non-CSPI systems.  From retrieving customer information from your core system to passing images to internet banking products, we’ve made data exchange a seamless process.


The Customer Research and All Items Research viewers provide quick and easy access to customer and proof data even before it’s submitted to the core system.  The Customer Research or “Customer One Touch” feature as it is sometimes referred to, allows users to access customer data by searching on as little or as much as they know about a customer.  Whether it is a partial account number or part of their name or address, this tool will display all possible matches making it easy for your staff to select the correct one.  Once there, the user is presented with all available statements and notices as well as account information such as statement delivery options making it quick and simple to reprint a customer statement even including the transaction detail for deposits if the customer desires.

All Items Research is a powerful research tool that allows access to proof data as soon as a batch is balanced.  You can define your search queries with as little or as much information as you have.  You can define the search by single or multiple fields as well as a single or a range of data within each one of these fields.  Once the search results are delivered, you will have access to a variety of tools to assist with analyzing the data.  Using the Transaction Re-Creator function, a user can select any item displayed in the search results and view each additional item that went with it to create the transaction.  Electronic endorsement and routing information are also available to show the entire path of an item from bank of first deposit on including contact information for that financial institution.  An exception item search is also very convenient, returning any or all exceptions based on non-posted or re-posted item descriptions.  It does this by taking full advantage of our host interface and using non-posted and re-posted items reports to automatically update item status information in the Image Processing system.  With the addition of the Signature Card Module, either a cropped image of the signature or the entire card can be viewed with the customer’s check for signature verification purposes.

Check 21

Check 21 features include full end to end electronic capabilities.  Once an image is captured and converted to an image, we believe it should stay an image to keep the full endorsement trail.  This is why our image processing solution allows you to not only send and receive electronic cash letters, but also receive electronic chargeback files and reprocess second presentment items without ever having to print out an image replacement document (IRD).  Our Returns Manager is the central point to handle all returns whether they are being charged back to the depositing customer’s account, returned back to the bank of first deposit, or being moved into a proof run for second presentment.

Image Statements and Notices

CSPI’s Image Processing system gives you the option to produce and deliver electronic statements using Aurora eStatements, print hard copy statements, export statements for outsourced statement printing, or create customer statement CD’s.  Customers can have their statements printed with 2, 4, 8, 10, 12 or 18 images per page with debits or credits included (or both).  There is an option to print front images only or a combination of fronts and backs, and images can be sorted by date or check number.  You also have the choice to print the first (or all) text pages on letterhead or the system can automatically print your logo on plain paper.  Simplex or duplex printing is allowed.  OMR Marks (which are readable by Neopost, Formax, Hassler and Pitney-Bowes folder/inserter machines) can be printed to automate statement processing.  Statements can be also be sorted by zip code and printed with postal barcodes to reduce postage costs.  Aurora eStatement allows your customers to safely retrieve their DDA, Savings, HELOC, and other statements and notices on-line, utilizing an easy-to-use web interface, customized specifically for your bank.

Customer Statement CDs provide a handy archive for business customers.  One CD may contain a single statement or multiple statements for a particular month, quarter or year.  Statement CDs include statement files with an image viewer, statement text search capabilities and check reconciliation files.

Standard Reports

CSPI’s Image Processing solution offers a variety of standard reports.  You have the option to view the report on-screen, send it to a file or print.  Any report that lists individual items can pull the transaction set for any item with the click of a button.  The reports can also be printed with their corresponding images.  Standard reports include:

  • Batch Balancing Report
  • Branch Totals Report
  • Cash Letter
  • Deposit Analysis Report
  • Duplicate Item Report
  • End of Run/Day Totals
  • Modified Item Pull
  • Master Transaction Listing
  • Reject Repair Journal
  • Pocket Totals
  • Selector Totals
User-Defined Reports

CSPI’s Image Processing system gives users the ability to create their own reports based on specific needs.  The reports can be accessed at any time to retrieve required data. Examples include General Ledger, Teller Totals, High Dollar and Endpoint Analysis reports.  Any report that lists individual items can be printed with their corresponding images.  Samples are available upon request. Creating a User-Defined Report is simple and quick.  A setup wizard walks the user through the process.  Once created, reports can be copied and modified to become new reports.  For example, a Teller Cash report can be created for Teller 1 and then copied for Tellers 2, 3 and so on.  Each newly copied report only needs an account number or transaction code changed to match each teller.

Signature Cards

The Signature Cards system can be installed with (or without) our Aurora Document Imaging module.  Individual cards can be scanned and stored in a database for research.  The entire card and a cropped section containing only the signature are stored with every scan.  More documents, including color photo IDs using a table-top scanner, can be added anytime. Images scanned into the Signature Cards module can be viewed through the All Items Research tool with customer checks and deposits for signature verification.  Other user-defined documents, such as Power of Attorney documents or Articles of Incorporation, can also be scanned and stored.

Report Retrieval

The Report Retrieval system automatically parses, categorizes and stores a myriad of reports generated by the core system, making them quick and easy to research.  Report Retrieval is fully integrated with our Image Processing system and includes user security control.  Users and rights are managed from one location for both systems.

The auto-store feature makes storing reports a completely unattended process.  At pre-defined times throughout the day or night, the automated scheduler can run up to 26 individual, unattended stores.  Now, instead of all the day’s reports being held up until the last one is generated, reports can be made available throughout the day as they are produced.  Plus, processing for multiple institutions is more manageable since a single install of Report Retrieval can store reports from multiple core systems.  Reports can be stored in multiple formats, such as text documents, Adobe PDF, MS Word and MS Excel.

Report research has never been easier than with CSPI’s Report Viewer.  The Report Viewer lets you decide which reports to display.  You can also create filters and sort the data as you wish.  These filters and sorts can be saved for later use.  Each user can add their own report descriptions which will be displayed when they log on.  For any report with references to specific items (checks, deposits, GL tickets), you have the ability to print or display the corresponding images on-screen.

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