Key Benefits
  • Deposit process
  • Checks are placed in scanner; deposit total entered
  • Checks are processed, endorsed and verified
  • Deposit file is encrypted; sent to your bank electronically
  • Records are stored on the merchant’s PC for easy access
Standard Features
  • In Line CAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition) – CAR/LAR available
  • Image quality assurance
  • Built-in-alerts to verify images and MICR data
  • Image archive history and reports
  • Online research of deposit detail
  • Secure file transfer using Aurora transfer
  • Remote bank setup & training or on-site bank training
  • Institution setup, license, scanner
  • Depot maintenance

Aurora eDeposit

Merchant Capture Solutionvideoart

eDeposit is an innovative electronic deposit processing solution for third-party payment processors, government agencies, utilities and merchants.  It’s easy to implement and directly benefits your commercial accounts, as well as your bank.

Using a table-top scanner, merchants can capture check images on-site and deliver their deposits electronically, with associated MICR data, to your institution for processing via a secure Internet connection.

Your customers will save time and money.  They will also appreciate your extra level of service and your relationship with them will be stronger than ever.

Scanner Highlights

SmartSource Scanner – feeder accommodates up to 100 checks, rear ink-endorser, hopper can be extended for 6” documents, single pass image at 240 dpi, available in the following speeds (30, 55, 80, 120 and 155) and MICR reader.

Benefits to Your Bank

  • Brings your teller window to the merchant
  • Expands your service area
  • Improves relationship; customer retention
  • Allows you to attract new business
  • Provides additional fee incomeCSPI Scanner_2_Image
  • Positions your bank as a technology leader
  • Accelerates the clearing process
  • Improves in-house control to avoid fraud

Benefits to Your Merchant

  • Deposit preparation is streamlined and accurate
  • Cut-off times can be extended
  • Deposits from multiple offices are consolidated
  • Funds are available faster than paper deposits
  • Data is instantly accessible for on-site research
  • Easy for employees to use; training provided

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