Key Benefits
  • Attracts young tech-savvy customers
  • Extends your mobile banking channel
  • Strengthens customer relationships
  • Takes banking convenience and speed to a new level
  • Provides low cost high volume delivery channel
Key Features
  • Secure hosted solution
  • Uses latest authentication and encryption
  • No data stored on the device
  • Simple short-code commands
  • Receive account balances
  • Receive transaction information
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Receive balance alerts
  • Integrated with Aurora Online and Mobile Banking

Aurora SMS/TEXT Banking

Simplifying the Process of Banking Without Walls

SMS/Texting Customers

More and more people rely on SMS/Text messaging as their primary form of communications over their mobile devices.  Whether busy executives, multitasking families or the tech-savvy millennial generation, people understand texting offers unparalleled speed, convenience and up-to-the-minute communication for people on-the-go.  Many of these potential customers are looking for the same speed and convenience in their banking relationship. CSPI’s Aurora SMS/Text Banking is the solution.

SMS/Text Bankingtextbanking

With Aurora SMS/Text Banking you can extend you mobile services to allow customers to access selected banking services over their mobile phones using SMS/Text messaging.  Customers can use simple text message commands to access their account information and perform transfers from almost any SMS/Text supported phone.  Once enrolled, customers can use the service without having to sign into an application and Aurora SMS/Text Banking is just as secure as our other services.

How It Works

Aurora SMS/Text Banking is designed with the latest industry standard design, authentication and encryption to ensure sensitive data is protected.  Using a short-code to identify the bank and a series of brief commands, customers can quickly access the most highly used mobile banking functions.  The commands include:

SMS/Text Banking Commands

  • ENROLL – Sends an enrollment message to the institution for end-user review/setup
  • BAL – Receive account balances for all accounts enrolled – Example: Bal
  • BAL [nickname] – Receive the balance of the nicknamed account – Example: Bal Chkg
  • HIST – Returns the history for all accounts enrolled – Example: Hist
  • HIST [nickname] – Returns the history for that account – Example: Hist Chkg
  • XFER [from last four of account] [to last four of account [amount] – Transfers funds between two accounts – Example: XFER 1234 6789 25.00
  • XFER [from acct nickname 1] [to acct nickname 2] [amount] – Transfers funds between two accounts – Example: XFER Chkg Svgs 25.00
  • HELP – Returns a list of available commands and customer service information
  • STOP – Turns off the customers SMS/Text Banking service
  • Balance Alerts (included): Daily Balance Alerts, Balance Threshold Alerts, and Monthly Balance Alerts.

Message and Data Rates may apply.

Integrated eBanking

The integration of Aurora Mobile, Online and Voice Banking provides a common core interface, consistent cross-channel data and analytics, less administration for your institution and richer customer experience.  The Aurora eBanking suite can be branded to your institution, providing a clear and consistent cross-channel identity and message to your customers.

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