Key Features
  • Stand-alone system can be easily added to your bank without proprietary software
  • Dramatically streamlines the entire remittance process
  • System is customized based on your coupon layout and internal workflow*
  • All paper documents are converted to electronic data files
  • Powerful research capabilities allow your clients to quickly retrieve specific transactions tied to customer requests
  • Saves space; eliminates the need to store physical documents

*Multiple scanner models are available. Customizable features vary based on the model selected, and the physical dimensions of your clients’ checks and coupons.

Process Highlights
  • Checks and stubs are processed using an easy-to-use tabletop scanner
  • Error correction and balancing steps are performed with images on-screen
  • Electronic files are then available to import into your existing accounting application
  • Files are passed securely to your financial institution using CSPI’s Dynamic Data Center (DDC) with double encryption
  • Compliments CSPI’s e-deposit Merchant Capture System

Aurora Remittance

Streamline Your Entire Process

To reduce processing time and operational costs, implement CSPI’s Aurora Remittance system.  Our Windows-based image processing system is designed to capture, convert and process paper documents to electronic data quickly and efficiently.

This stand-alone solution can be easily added to your existing operation.  You will immediately benefit from shorter turnaround times, fewer errors, and reduced staffing requirements to perform the overall remittance functions.

Fully Automated System

Aurora Remittance can be tailored to fit your specific operational requirements.

Once installed, checks and remittance coupons are imaged and endorsed using a tabletop scanner.

Using the latest in character recognition technology, our software can detect the dollar amount on each payment stub and compare it to the enclosed check.  This is accomplished using ‘double field validation’ imagesto increase accuracy levels. The system will also detect dates, account numbers and check numbers.

If the system detects an incorrect match, the transaction is held aside for the error correction/repair and balancing steps.

The electronic files are then exported to your accounting system in the format you require.  In addition, the files can be safely shared with your bank via our Dynamic Data Center (DDC), with double encryption techniques used to protect your customer data.

Powerful Research Capabilities

What sets our system apart is the powerful research capabilities.  Once the data is stored on your client’s PC or server, they will have immediate access to all transactions for research and review.  Your client’s team can quickly retrieve images for data entry, customer inquiries, research, transmission, faxing and printing.  This ability to promptly respond to special requests will greatly enhance your client’s overall satisfaction rating.

With over twenty years of in-depth banking experience, our primary goal is to provide easy to use solutions for community banks.

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